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Columbus School Plan for 2016

by Master Gardener Shirley Martin


We started classroom sessions in February on the morning of the 25th with the 5th grade. Our schedule is coordinated with the teachers from Columbus and Appleton Bilingual School.

-Planning the Garden using charts from last year.

We used old gardening catalogs for students in each grade to construct a new garden for the upcoming year by cutting out pictures and pasting them on new a new Garden Chart. Master Gardener volunteers came to each classroom that participated and gave a constructive critique of each chart thus helping the students to determine the final layout of the garden. We introduced the concepts of rotating the crops and companion planting.

During the months of March and April, we introduced sessions on:

-Proper care and management of the Garden:

Weeding, Watering, Stepping Paths

Beneficial insects, mulching, soil testing and amendments

Some of the future tasks will be to move two large cold frames this spring and use some sort of soil barrier to be installed across the backs of the garden beds that line the fence. I am thinking that composite lumber or an attractive corrugated metal cut to size would be nice.

We’re always looking for volunteers to help with the gardens!!