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Allergies of Autumn


Beautiful stems of Goldenrod – mistakenly blamed for Fall allergies

Poor Goldenrod (state flower of Kentucky) — blamed for the itchy, watery eyes suffered by so many this time of year (including me!). It’s a shame that goldenrod is blamed for the sneezes and wheezes of autumn allergies, so I am, once again, writing an article in defense of this beautiful garden plant!

The reason, I’m sure, that so many people think of goldenrod as their autumn nemesis is because it produces those brilliant yellow flowers just when ragweed also blooms. But no one notices the culprit’s small homely pale green blooms. Goldenrod’s pollen is heavy and is moved about only by bees, whereas ragweed pollen is tiny and light and meant to be spread by the wind.

There are some 15 species of common ragweed, whose botanical name is Ambrosia (an ironic misnomer for sure). Ragweeds grow naturally from coast to coast, adapting to both country meadows and gritty city environments. The plant has fernlike leaves similar to those of wormwood (Artemisia), and is actually a tasty treat for pigs and cattle.

Ragweed is also an excellent soil preserver and conditioner, one of the group, sometimes called pioneer plants, that spring up rapidly after floods, fires, or bulldozers have ravaged the earth. So, a very useful plant for both the Earth, and for the pharmaceutical companies that collect lots of my dollars every fall as I struggle to breathe without crying!