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It is Time to Showcase Your Talents!

Showing Off at the Fair!

Showing Off at the Fair!

Do you grow the perfect looking carrot or plump tomato? Perhaps you have the gift of creating gorgeous floral arrangements? Have you perfected what you think is the perfect wine or beer? How about crafting an unique bird house? Maybe you have already photographed that perfect sunset or a butterfly that landed on your grandchild’s head? If you live in Outagamie County or are an Outagamie County Master Gardener in good standing then the Outagamie County Fair is looking for you! You can submit these things and many more to the Open Class. The Outagamie County Fair is seeking participation in the Open Class. They would like to recognize talent but cannot do so if individuals don’t showcase those talents! This is a great way for others to appreciate your work plus if you are an Outagamie County Master Gardener you can gain service hours (amount to be determined). For a small five dollar entry fee (for paperwork) you are able to enter an unlimited amount of items. The fee and entry form must be turned in by June 20th.  Not sure what is going to turn out? Don’t worry! Remember you can enter a number of items in the Open Class so if at the last minute you have ‘a crop failure’ you will still have other items to be judged. For more detailed information go to http://www.outagamiecountyfair.com and click on the Entries/Contest tab on the right side. In order for Outagamie County Master Gardeners to be able to count our service hours they need to be from the approved categories; departments 14 through 28 (pages 106-129), which can be located in the Premium Book – 2013, 2014, & 2015 (a downloadable PDF). You will also be able to find the open class entry form.

Written by Carey Pederson

Posted by Rachel Seppi