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Bulb Farmers Rock!

OCMGA Master Gardener David Calle is passionate about gardens — especially historic gardens and finding a way to incorporate lessons from the past into our own gardens.

From David’s blog explaining the passion behind his blog:  “I created this blog to share my love of gardens and the stories and people behind them.  My passion for historic gardens has taken me to dozens of gardens across 5 continents.  I hope you will join me on this journey and share your comments and experiences.”

I’m crazy about his stories and one of his recent ones “Bulb Farmers Rock” really captured my fancy because, on my bucket list, is a trip to Keukenhof when the bulb fields are all in bloom.

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Favorite Blogs and Sites

We asked our fellow Outagamie County Master Gardeners to come up with a list of favorite gardening websites and blogs. This is what we’ve come up with so far. Do you see some familiar sites? Do you have suggestions for others that cover gardening topics you love?  Please share in comments if you do! We are constantly searching for great resources!  Some of these are commercial sites, some are blogs and others are public gardens…tell us where else you look for inspiration!

  • pinterest.com
  • yougrowgirl.com
  • uwex.edu
  • gbbg.org
  • carexdesign.com
  • twowomenandahoe.com
  • luriegarden.org
  • solarisfarms.org
  • olbrich.org
  • wimastergardener.org
  • boernerbotanicalgarden.org
  • monchesfarm.com
  • organicgardening.org (although the site is currently under some redesign/not accessible)
  • rodalesorganiclife.com
  • wattersgardencenter.com
  • hostalibrary.org
  • seedsaversalliance.org
  • seedsavers.org
  • thewisconsinvegetablegardener.com
  • obsessedmidwestgardener.org
  • birdsandblooms.com
  • stonethegardener.com
  • motherearthnews.com
  • gardenwriters.org
  • finegardening.com

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