Goodbye, Rachel, and Thank You!

Measuring a Few Leaf Sunflower

Rachel Seppi

A volunteer organization counts on the hard work, the self-sacrifice of those who choose to dedicate time and energy with no compensation. When you lose one of those members, it leaves a hole. Such is the case with Rachel Seppi who will be leaving us as she moves from the area and starts a new job.

After being a member of OCMGA since 2010, Rachel took a sabbatical 2 years ago to realize a dream: hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Upon her return to the area, she jumped back in with that same enthusiasm when she learned that we were contemplating the creation of a blog. Rachel started this blog for OCMGA, and was the driving force behind the recruiting of the committee that will now step in to keep it going.

We wish Rachel only the best as she pursues a new course in her life, but you’ll be missed!

Posted by Vicki

Meet the Bloggers: The Sue Edition

Sue Mings

I  began my gardening adventures planting perennials and herbs when we purchased our first home in the Twin Cities back in the early 1980s. By the time we moved to Green Bay a decade later, I was ready to tackle designing and planting the landscape surrounding our newly constructed home. Eventual moves to warmer climes allowed me to enjoy experimenting with hybrid tea roses in the Bay Area in Northern California and azaleas, magnolias, and crape myrtles in Memphis. By the time we returned to Northeast Wisconsin 7 years ago, the USDA had changed the hardiness zone from 4b to 5a, opening up new plant possibilities for consideration. With the days of erratic schedules carpooling our boys to hockey and soccer games behind us, I was finally able to begin coursework to become a Master Gardener volunteer in 2010. My gardening knowledge and interests continue to grow as a member of the Outagamie County Master Gardeners, Wild Ones Fox Valley Area, North East Wisconsin Herb Society of America, and Friends of High Cliff State Park.

Meet the Bloggers: The Vicki Edition

My mom has an amazing green thumb and can grow anything (I’ve already commented that she’s a s10302273_759441404096751_2987205643191527527_nerial “snipper” — takes little snips from plants everywhere and within a short time she has a thriving plant. But that’s another story.) Unfortunately, though, I don’t seem to have that natural ability and, in fact, only started gardening in 2011 when I took the Master Gardener classes. I live in the city of Appleton and must contend with our horrible clay soil along with the incredible root system of all of the trees that grow around our home. Nonetheless, I love seeing the miracle that occurs every spring when little shoots start coming up out of the ground and surprising me with their display of color and/or texture. I’m not always successful from one season to the next — many things don’t make it. But the successes are starting to outweigh the failures and that’s exciting!

I love being part of the Outagamie County Master Gardener group of volunteers. Wonderful people from all walks of life! In addition to being part of a great group of bloggers, I also manage our website and I’m one of the administrators of our Facebook page — so, lots of technology on my end, which makes it even more rewarding to finally get outside and get dirt under my fingernails!

Aside from my grandchildren and gardening, my greatest passions are reading and traveling — which means that I’m gone a lot!  Having just returned from Europe this past Fall, I’m now planning my next trip and I’m thinking maybe Russia and Scandinavia next!

Written and posted by Vicki

Meet the Bloggers: The Rachel Edition

I have been volunteering with the Outagamie County Master Gardeners since 2010. Camping and gardening with my family got me interested from an early age and I continue to take every opportunity I can to get outside. One of my major interests is identifying wildflowers which enables me to combine my love of nature and backpacking/hiking. In addition to exploring Wisconsin and Upper Michigan I have branched out beyond the boundaries of our gardening zone to see what’s growing in Montana, California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. My list of possible trips continues to grow! I’m also interested in perennials, learning more about natives and vegetable gardening especially in reaping a huge harvest from a small space.

Measuring a Few Leaf Sunflower

Measuring the height of a Few Leaf Sunflower

Posted and written by Rachel Seppi

Meet the Bloggers: The Bev Edition

As Master Gardener Volunteers there is a whole village of us helping put this blog together! Here’s a little information about Bev:

I have been a Master Gardner since 2011 with my initial interest in sun-loving perennial flowers.  I have started to experiment with vegetables and herbs.  My favorite herb is “Genovese” basil that I use fresh and frozen for pesto.  My biggest surprise working as a Master Gardner, was learning that even though you received training,  and you plan and prepare for your garden and plants, a large portion of gardening is trial and error, which then provides you with the wisdom to share with other gardeners.  I also really enjoy the comradery volunteering with other gardeners.

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Written by Bev

Posted by Rachel