Quick and Easy Garden Art

by OCMGA Master Gardener and Vice President Tom Wentzel

A garden on the dragonflyHomeless Connection garden walk this year had some truly clever (and cheap) ideas for garden art.   The dragonfly is self-explanatory. Just repurposed painted ceiling fan blades and a few rocks.

The “mushrooms” are made from concrete and a dowel. Pick up a few GLASS cordial glasses and champagne flutes. Fill them with concrete and stick a length of dowel into the concrete. Let it harden overnight then smash the glass.Mushrooms

2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Garden Art

  1. Fancier garden art can be so silly. People pay so much money for sculpture that looks like junk. Seriously; the old muffler from the Oldsmobile makes more sense than some of the most expensive garden sculpture.

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