Yes, Virginia, You Can Mow Your Lawn Too Often!!

I have a neighbor that loves his yard work. He’s out cutting the grass, trimming around the sidewalks, and blowing away the debris at least 3 nights each week. I’m incredibly aware of this because of the noise that continues for about 2 hours. Despite all of this work, I’m sorry to say that his lawn is not the beautiful carpet that he wishes it to be. Like many homeowners, he makes the mistake of cutting his grass too short and too frequently. Coupled with the use of non-organic fertilizer (which creates very short roots in the grass, thereby drying out rapidly in between rains), mowing too often or putting your mower blades too low creates a lawn that struggles to survive when the sun gets hot and the rain clouds fail to appear.

The University of Illinois Extension has created a nice one-page guideline for mowing lawns properly. Click here to read it.

3 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, You Can Mow Your Lawn Too Often!!

  1. When I lived in town, the neighbors all had gardeners. Their mowers brought all the weeds into their lawns, which spread to mine! I got crabgrass! It was difficult to get rid of.


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