Updating Grandma’s Flowers for your Garden

by SCMGA (Stafford County Master Gardener Association)

Want to plant some of grandma’s favorite flowers but a modern-day version?  Then you are going to be excited about the new varieties that are coming soon to your local retailer!

One of the many trends found at the horticulture industry’s California Spring Trials this year was shaking up old-time flower varieties and making them new and improved for our gardens.  California Spring Trials is a yearly event where growers, breeders, and suppliers showcase their newest and existing products at various locations throughout California. These are just a few of the many beautiful new varieties we saw this year:


A beautiful hanging basket favorite has been bred to produce more flowers that last longer, plus, it’s a more compact size – perfect for smaller spaces.  You can’t  go wrong with the tear-drop shape of the multi-color flowers bursting into bloom….breathtaking!


Grandma and pollinators loved the old-fashioned garden phlox and now you can have pollinator-friendly plants that really POP in your garden. The new ‘Popstar’ Phlox is a dwarf strong-branching variety with eye-catching, unique, star-shaped flowers. Lots of flower POP for the whole season!


Snapdragons are no longer the flower in the background of the garden. Twinny Snapdragons are the first double flower form snapdragon with a compact habit. Great for cut flowers and pollinators.  Snapdragon Twinny Peach™ F1 is an All-America Selection Winner.


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