Exotic Garden Trip Notes

presented by Don Brill, WIMGA member, February 16, 2017

Barbados Trip Notes

Orchid World: A unique sun garden

Andromeda Botanic Garden: The oldest botanical garden

Sunbury Plantation: A bit overrated with green monkeys! Worth stopping if it’s on route.

Flower Forest: Great Scottish Highlands garden

Petrea Gardens: an older private garden.  Current construction plans to add sunny gardens and more water.

George Washington’s House & Garden

Hunte’s Garden: I rate this #1.  Built in a sink hole below reused buildings

Welshman’s Hall Gully: more green monkeys

St Nicholas Abby: A must see first class plantation

BarbadosMiami 038

Miami Garden Trip Notes

Fairchild Tropical Garden:  A Large Tropical US Botanical garden with zone 10 & 11 plants.  Limited photos allowed

Viscaya: An historic Italianate House and garden restoration.  Very impressive hardscaping. No photos allowed from the house.

BarbadosMiami 381




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