Garden Buddies: Lavender and …

Beautiful roses and lavender at Pembroke  College, Cambridge, UK

Beautiful roses and lavender at Pembroke
College, Cambridge, UK

Fragrant, beautiful, and good garden buddies:  lavender and roses can make great companion plants. Roses tend to attract aphids, while ladybugs love lavender. When lavender attracts these aphid-eating insects, you create an organic pest control environment. Both plants love well-drained soil. Make sure you check the planting, spacing, and watering requirements of the rose you choose before planting with lavender. According to Rose Magazine, no modern hybrid roses can be considered drought tolerant. Certain tender varieties of roses may need to be watered more than others. That said, practice some techniques during hot months that will reduce the need to water: mulching roses with 3 to 4 inches of compost will provide increased water retention, allowing you to water less when warm weather hits.

Planting lavender with similar sun-loving and drought-tolerant plants makes it easy to care for your garden. Drought-tolerant plants come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, heights, and bloom times. Try some of these ornamental plants that complement lavender:

  • Yarrow (achillea millefolium) blooms in many colors (white, pink, yellow, and even red) and attracts insects such as ladybugs and hoverflies.
  • Artemisia adds a lovely silver foliage to your landscape, they bloom bright yellow in the summer.
  • Hen and chicks (echeveria) are succulents that are exceptionally easy to grow and multiply like crazy. The “hen” plant produces baby chicks that can be removed and placed elsewhere in the garden to make more plants. They come in reds, pinks, and bright green and flower in the summer.
  • Purple coneflower has large purple-pink daisylike flowers with 2- to 5-foot stems that will grow just about anywhere and seed freely.0068037abcc75059aa588beb8732effa
  • Black-eyed Susans, like coneflowers, grow 2- to 5-feet tall and sow freely. They resemble mini sunflowers and create a beautiful yellow sea in your garden when grown in masses.

Rock walls go hand in hand with lavender and a formal gazebo with lavender and roses makes a stunning focal point, and the combination of fragrances on a warm summer day is intoxicating. Just make sure your plants receive adequate sunshine, drainage, and room to grow.

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