Perennial Herb Garden

Herbs-in-containersTired of replanting herbs every year because they don’t survive our harsh winters? Want to try some new flavors and fill out some of those empty spaces in your garden? Try planting perennial herbs! There are so many hardy herbs that fit the bill, you’ll want to refine your garden plan before choosing plants. Is this a culinary herb garden? If so, consider chives, garlic chives, fennel, sage, tarragon, thymes, winter savory, and — as long as you keep it in a confined space — mint.

If your interest is more in medicinals, you’ll want to try arnica, catnip, echinacea, feverfew, valerian, and comfrey (which should only be used externally no matter what you read).

And don’t forget that some annual herbs are such rampant self-sowers that you’ll have to plant them only once. Borage, dill, chervil, and coriander will come back reliably year after year as long as you let some plants go to seed. They won’t necessarily come up right where you want them, but a little untidiness never hurt any garden, and they are easily weeded out if they’re really in the way.

Note: if you have space for your herbs near your back door, they’ll be handy for throwing into your cooking. Containers of fresh herbs growing near your bar-b-cue grill will liven up your outdoor cooking.

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