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Recently I visited my daughter in Kentucky and was enjoying the beautiful spring-flowering trees. She asMyGardenAnswersk me the name of a tree and although it looked familiar (it was a Redbud), I was disappointed that I couldn’t answer her question.  When I returned home I found and downloaded an awesome, free app called myGardenAnswers.  It is so simple to use.  This is what the main screen looks like.  You use the camera on your phone and press “Take a photo of your plant”.  It displays the plants name, a photo and a brief description of it.  You can also ask questions and search for additional information.


When I was in Florida last week I put my app to work.  Outside my hotel, in the landscape was this shrub.  I took the picture below and the corresponding screen shows the results.


If the app displays multiple pictures you can pick the correct one.


This app provides me with on the spot plant identification and information when I want it. If you are one of those people who “needs to know now” I suggest you give this app a go!

Written by Bev Kindschy


2 thoughts on “myGardenAnswers App

  1. What a great idea! I like the instant gratification / answer. It isn’t always easy to remember to look something up when you get home or figure out how to Google the correct questions on my phone to get this type of result. I’m giving it a whirl!


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