The agony of choosing mulch!

There are so many gardening magazines and books and tv shows and radio broadcasts and classes to take that, frankly, I’m surprised that anyone actually has time to do any gardening. That said, one of the great things about belonging to an organization like Outagamie County Master Gardeners Association is the sharing of information that occurs. With so many of us reading and sharing, it provides an opportunity for access to great articles or websites that might otherwise be missed. One such site is the Weekend Gardener Monthly Web Magazine, which just published an article about choosing mulch. I know that “to mulch or not to mulch” is a big question for most gardeners, followed closely by “what kind of mulch?”

I hope you’ll enjoy this article and that it helps answer some questions that you may have. Enriching your soil (especially in this part of Wisconsin where we endure clay) is a marvelous outcome of using natural mulch and well worth the investment in time and money.


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