Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine growing among the palm trees in Florida

Norfolk Island Pine growing among the palm trees in Florida

I was on a vacation in Florida recently and enjoyed, once again, seeing my favorite tree in an environment where it could really stand out: the Norfolk Island Pine. Where we live in the north, the Norfolk Island Pine is a wonderful potted plant that is particularly popular at Christmas (decorated with glitter and miniature ornaments), but cannot survive as a true tree outdoors. It is native to Norfolk Island, located between New Zealand and Australia.

The tree grows 200 feet tall in its natural habitat, but rarely exceeds 6-8 feet tall as a houseplant. While this conifer is a true evergreen, it is not a pine.  Indoor care requires that the soil be kept evenly moist. If the soil dries out or if the humidity level is too low, the bottom branches will turn brown and fall off. [This is, sadly, the fate of the Norfolk Island Pine that I had as a houseplant for many years. Unfortunately, 2015 was the year of it’s demise.] Keep the plant on a tray of pebbles with water to maintain the necessary level of humidity.


Norfolk Island Pine as a popular houseplant

Norfolk Island Pine as a popular houseplant plantDry, hot air — common in the winter where we live — also makes this plant a magnet for spider mites. If possible, try to keep it in a cooler room, away from heat vents.

Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful and healthy the plant may be, it will never match the majesty of those dark green fronds rising straight up through the field of palm trees in Florida and parts of the Caribbean — which means that I’ll just have to keep going on vacations!

5 thoughts on “Norfolk Island Pine

      • I would be happy to give it to you! It was given to my Mother years ago as a little Christmas tree. She passed it on to me and it is really too big and I don’t have a good place for it.


  1. I live in Central Florida and would love to have one and seeing grow as high as it can. They are just gorgeous. Where could I buy one, please?


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