Halloween Gardening

The infamous Venus Fly Trap

The infamous Venus Fly Trap

In anticipation of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to find as many plants as possible with names that you would associate with Halloween. As I started doing my research, I found that many others had had the same idea so, rather than repeat or plagiarize information that has already been posted on the web, I thought maybe a link to some of the more interesting articles would be better.

From the London Telegraph, we get some of the weirdest and creepiest plants I’ve ever seen, many of which are deadly as well as just plain ugly. I may get nightmares just from seeing some of these plants, which include the Venus Fly Trap, the Corpse Plant, and the Black Bat Flower (totally creepy):  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/how-to-grow/the-worlds-spookiest-plants/

Then, we have a list from Earth Rangers compiling plants with names or shapes that make you think of Halloween. For instance, Wolf’s Bane, Witch Hazel, and Devil’s Claw. The Dracula Orchid is the one that makes me say “Ewwwww”.  Check out this fun list compiled on a website aimed at getting children interested in the outdoors and the environment: http://www.earthrangers.com/wildwire/top-10/top-ten-spooky-plants/

Devil's Tooth

Devil’s Tooth

Another creepy-looking plant is actually a fungus:  Devil’s Tooth (Hydnellum peckii). This gross little blob of a mushroom isn’t an edible plant — not that you’d want to. But it’s a beneficial fungus that attaches itself to host tree roots and gives out minerals and amino acids in exchange for tasty carbon. It grows throughout North America. When moist and healthy, it bleeds droplets of bright red juice that inspired its other nickname, “strawberries and cream.”

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern

I think maybe I’ll just stick with Chinese Lanterns — a beautiful and harmless addition to any Halloween or Autumn gathering!

Written and posted by Vicki

One thought on “Halloween Gardening

  1. Thank you Vicki for finding these fun but creepy looking and named plants, Ive seen a few of these in my days and some are quite spectacular.


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