Goodbye, Rachel, and Thank You!

Measuring a Few Leaf Sunflower

Rachel Seppi

A volunteer organization counts on the hard work, the self-sacrifice of those who choose to dedicate time and energy with no compensation. When you lose one of those members, it leaves a hole. Such is the case with Rachel Seppi who will be leaving us as she moves from the area and starts a new job.

After being a member of OCMGA since 2010, Rachel took a sabbatical 2 years ago to realize a dream: hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Upon her return to the area, she jumped back in with that same enthusiasm when she learned that we were contemplating the creation of a blog. Rachel started this blog for OCMGA, and was the driving force behind the recruiting of the committee that will now step in to keep it going.

We wish Rachel only the best as she pursues a new course in her life, but you’ll be missed!

Posted by Vicki

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Rachel, and Thank You!

  1. Good luck to Rachel. Sorry she is leaving OCMGA and our area. Thanks so much to her for sharing her talents and ideas with all of us.

    Lucy Valitchka


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