The SKIRTS do Saturday

Most women have a group of girls with whom they do things that their spouse or significant other have little or no interest in. One warm Saturday was one of those outings for the SKIRTS. Solaris Farms in Reedsville to view and buy daylilies was the destination. Talk about eye candy!

The farm is a family homestead. Nate enjoys experimenting to make a hardy daylily that can withstand Wisconsin’s winters. The family is hands-on in this business. We saw Nate out sharpening shovels and digging up plants when a customer wanted to take some home. The two children are now in college but have helped when times are busy. Kim also can be seen advising customers.

We walked through the gardens that were for display and growing hybrids for future sale. I loved the bench perched atop a hill overlooking a field of daylilies. Some of the old farm buildings are used in the business and serve as a great rustic backdrop to the gardens.Winey bird

When we made it to the shopping area, we took our clipboards in hand and perused the rows. It was daylily heaven. There were ruffled ones, sparkly ones, tiny ones and long spidery ones. big oleSix petalWe laughed at the names; Pearls before Swine, Beyond Thunder Dome and House of Misrepresentatives just to name a few. The highest priced flower had a three digit figure. We smiled and kept walking.

I was standing firm that I had enough plants. I refused a clipboard that not only carried a sheet for making a list but descriptions in detail of each plant. By the time I got to the second half of the gardens, I had to return for a clipboard. Then our plants were plucked from the earth, labeled and gently bagged for their journey home.

On the drive home we came upon a plant sale at a farm house. These were home grown at that property and very healthy. As we were looking around, the owner said everything was half-price making the most expensive item $2.50. Now I lost it! Sixteen dollars later, I totally broke resolve. Just when I thought I could sit back and enjoy the garden, I have more digging and rearranging.

Written by Kim

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