Fantasy Gardens, A Garden Within Your Garden

Fantasy Gardening: The Most Fun You Might Ever Have with a Wheelbarrow

Creating a magical and imaginative fantasy garden like that inspired by today’s popular fairy gardening trend may just be the most fun you have ever had with a wheelbarrow! Hold on to that rusty old wheelbarrow with the convenient no need to drill drainage holes and use it to create a garden within your garden that inspires a tale of make believe, humor and abandon. A setting begs for a story. For example, in the morning I usually head out for a garden walk to enjoy what’s newly blossomed and take account of the late night dinner menu enjoyed by the bunnies in Mrs. McNeubauer’s garden. As I pass by and check out my wheelbarrow garden, I sometimes pause to imagine what the topic of today’s conversation over the fence might be in this mythical seaside village. Also knowing the bunnies that share my garden with me, I wouldn’t be surprised if a furry beast pillaged this little village during the night! Sending its inhabitants off in fear for their lives! See? Find out for yourself that the fun never stops with a wheelbarrow garden and let your creative side do the work!

Written by Pam Neubauer, Posted by Rachel


Fantasy Garden Close up

Fantasy Garden Close up

There's a whole world in there!

There’s a whole world in there!


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