Plant Goldenrod in Your Garden – Don’t Blame it for Your Allergies!


Tall, showy goldenrod

I was talking with a friend (with a degree in Horticulture) recently and he suggested that I add some goldenrod (Solidago sp.) to my gardens for height and that beautiful yellow color. My immediate reaction was “Won’t that make me sneeze even more each Spring?!”  As it turns out, I’m not the only one to confuse my sneezing each spring with the blooming of this lovely plant. The real culprit (ragweed) bears some resemblance to goldenrod, but is easily identifiable with just a little research.

Purplish stems of the ragwood plant.

Purplish stems of the ragweed plant.

Alicia R. Lamborn, Environmental Horticulture Agent for the Baker County Extension of the University of Florida, has written a paper addressing the difference between these summer blooming plants.  To access that article, click here; then plant some beautiful goldenrod in your garden and ignore the box of tissues!

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2 thoughts on “Plant Goldenrod in Your Garden – Don’t Blame it for Your Allergies!

  1. Be wary of planting Canada Goldenrod in your garden – it is not an invasive species but it is very aggressive – it will soon send out rhizomes that will take over your entire area pushing out your other plants. There are many varieties of goldenrod that play nice with others, like Showy Golderod for instance, but I don’t recommend the Canada flavor.
    — Rich Fischer


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