OCMGA 7th Annual Garden Walk – Garden #5

Each summer, the Outagamie County Master Gardener Association hosts a community garden walk to help raise money to further develop the Community gardens of Goodwill Grows, and to add food to the local food pantries. This year’s Garden Walk will be held on Saturday, June 20 when the public is invited to tour five select gardens in the Fox Cities. For more information about the times, cost, and addresses, please visit our Facebook page.

Each of the gardens represents a unique look at gardening style and design, and each of the five will be the subject of posts. The last of our gardens is described here today: the Sandi Anderson garden:

“This selection is a delight for all interests! This collection of gardens set in an expansive lawn offers something for everyone. It is a personal work of love for Sandi’s children and grandchildren, and includes perennials handed down from her parents. A gnome garden for curious children, shade gardens, vegetable garden, rose garden and more all bordered by wooded areas with trillium poking their bright faces up in early spring. Sandi dots her gardens with wonderful structures like the Eiffel towers (yes, plural). A large wooden gate that was rebuilt after tornadoes struck the area 2 years ago. Take extra time to stroll around the grounds and discover a wide variety of perennials. You might also find a worm farm inside 2 old tires if you’re very observant! A thrifty and creative gardener, Sandi makes use of all her property has to offer.”

Written by De Dalum

Posted by Vicki


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