OCMGA 7th Annual Garden Walk – Garden #4

Each summer, the Outagamie County Master Gardener Association hosts a community garden walk to help raise money to further develop the Community gardens of Goodwill Grows, and to add food to the local food pantries. This year’s Garden Walk will be held on Saturday, June 20 when the public is invited to tour five select gardens in the Fox Cities. For more information about the times, cost, and addresses, please visit our Facebook page.

Each of the gardens represents a unique look at gardening style and design, and each of the five will be the subject of posts. Today, the Anne Rausch garden:

“The Japanese maple greets visitors at the front door. Then your awareness is transformed by the abundant greenery and variety of colors, textures and shapes in this rejuvenated yard. It was a simple city lot with lawn and 2 trees when Anne purchased the property. Now, you will see the spellbinding transformation from boring to amazing. This suburban landscape has been ornamented with trees and shrubs to provide all season color and to attract birds. Look for the ornamental pear, the weeping cherry, weeping flowering crab apple, riverfront birch, tiger eyes sumac, Kentucky coffee bean tree, and more. Natural fencing along property lines adds to the beauty of this yard. She also has time and space for an herb garden, a full sun vegetable garden, and a unique water collection system. The term “water barrel” hardly does it justice.”

Written by De Dalum

Posted by Vicki


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