Wisconsin state flower…and other things

Lovely little violet

Lovely little violet

The Common Blue Violet (viola sororia) is the state flower of Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. What do all of these states know? This little beauty of spring loves the climate of Wisconsin, especially shady and moist areas. Let it spread throughout your shady areas and enjoy the beautiful little purple blooms each spring and summer.

While looking into the state flower, I thought: “What else has Wisconsin designated as being official?” Some of these are obvious, some not so much:

  • state soil: Antigo Silt Loam
  • state motto: ‘Forward’
  • state bird: Robin
  • state tree: Sugar Maple
  • state fish: Muskie
  • state animal: Badger
  • state wildlife animal: White-tailed Deer
  • state domestic animal: Dairy Cow
  • state mineral: Galena (lead sulphite)
  • state rock: Red Granite
  • state insect: Honeybee
  • state symbol of peace: Mourning Dove
  • state dog: American Water Spaniel
  • state beverage: milk
  • state grain: corn
  • state dance: polka

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