Discouraging the Deer from Feasting on Your Garden

Keeping some of the flowers away from the deer!

Keeping some of the flowers away from the deer!

Have you come up with creative ways to keep the deer from enjoying your gardens more than you do? The best approach my family has come up with is to build fences. This has been especially important around the vegetable garden or they would reap our entire harvest. They don’t seem to be very picky though and enjoy many types of flowers too.

Here’s just a sample of the many ways gardeners try to keep the deer away: mothballs, peppermint, ultrasonic devices, hair, fabric softener and blood meal.  Success with any of these seems to vary for each and every gardener. Location of your garden in relation to other deer snacks, like fully operational farms or deep forest and the presence of other animals outside are also important factors impacting how much the deer may eat.

Keeping beautiful flowers from the deer may be an experiment in finding the plants your local herd doesn’t enjoy. Follow the link to an HGTV article that shares some suggestions for deterring the deer from your garden, with what they refer to as ‘deer resistant annuals’.


Written and posted by Rachel

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