A Flower that Blooms All Year Long!

sunflower 1
It was my pleasure to donate my metal artwork to OCMGA and display it in our garden at the entrance to the U.W. Extension office.
This is number 3 of 3 steel sunflowers that I made in the FVTC “Welding Metal Sculptures” class in October 2014. I gave number 1 to my son to christen his new house. Number 2 I donated to the Wild Center, it is now located near the Wild Center main entrance.
sunflower 2
I cut out the sunflower petals and leaves with a plasma cutter. Then belt sanded and rolled and shaped them with the equipment in the FVTC metal fabrication labs. Then I welded all the parts together with a wire feed welder. Lastly, I spray painted four coats of Krylon clear over the entire sunflower. The paint will eventually wear off and it will begin to rust, but I believe that will give the artwork a whole new dimension of character.
This sunflower does not need watering and it blooms 12 months a year!
sunflower rich
Written by: Rich Fischer
Posted by: Rachel

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