“The Wisconsin Gardener”

Are you aware that Wisconsin Public Television has a huge library of videos from the popular show “The Wisconsin Gardener”?  “The Wisconsin Gardener”, running on public television beginning in 1992, was hosted by Shelley Ryan until 2013.  One of the most popular niche television shows on public television, fans were deeply grieved when Shelley Ryan died of cancer. Videos of past programs are still relevant, and grouped into categories: Animals & Plants, Arts & Crafts, Containers, Cooking Recipes, Edible Landscape, Four Seasons, Garden Basics, Garden Design, Health & Wellness, Insects & Disease, Public Gardens, and Weeds & Invasives. The videos average 2 to 10 minutes, and each one has a printed transcript that you can access in case the video isn’t clear enough or loud enough for you, or in case you want the information to make your own fence, or plant your own container, or whatever the episode is about. Great way to get thoroughly researched university-based horticulture information, plus some fun ideas and glimpses of public gardens.

Access the videos at: http://wpt.org/Wisconsin-Gardener/ where you can also find past radio broadcasts from Larry Meiller’s “Garden Talk” heard each Friday at 11 a.m. on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Note to OCMGA members: both “The Wisconsin Gardener” and “Garden Talk” are approved sources for Continuing Education credit.

Posted by Vicki

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