Meet the Bloggers: The Vicki Edition

My mom has an amazing green thumb and can grow anything (I’ve already commented that she’s a s10302273_759441404096751_2987205643191527527_nerial “snipper” — takes little snips from plants everywhere and within a short time she has a thriving plant. But that’s another story.) Unfortunately, though, I don’t seem to have that natural ability and, in fact, only started gardening in 2011 when I took the Master Gardener classes. I live in the city of Appleton and must contend with our horrible clay soil along with the incredible root system of all of the trees that grow around our home. Nonetheless, I love seeing the miracle that occurs every spring when little shoots start coming up out of the ground and surprising me with their display of color and/or texture. I’m not always successful from one season to the next — many things don’t make it. But the successes are starting to outweigh the failures and that’s exciting!

I love being part of the Outagamie County Master Gardener group of volunteers. Wonderful people from all walks of life! In addition to being part of a great group of bloggers, I also manage our website and I’m one of the administrators of our Facebook page — so, lots of technology on my end, which makes it even more rewarding to finally get outside and get dirt under my fingernails!

Aside from my grandchildren and gardening, my greatest passions are reading and traveling — which means that I’m gone a lot!  Having just returned from Europe this past Fall, I’m now planning my next trip and I’m thinking maybe Russia and Scandinavia next!

Written and posted by Vicki


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