Garden Conference: What Wisconsin Gardeners do in March

One of the primary goals of the Master Gardener Association is education. There are constantly education events going on including demos and presentations at local libraries and other locations. You can see what else is coming up at The biggest educational event the Outagamie County Master Gardeners put on is the annual garden conference which took place March 28th and it was a great event!

Pre Conference Hustle and Bustle

Pre Conference Hustle and Bustle

The topics included Perennial Top Picks, the best choices for Shade Gardening, Miniature Gardens and turning trash to treasure/garden art.

Many of the perennials discussed have been ordered for the upcoming plant sale which takes place at the UW Extension, 3365 W. Brewster Street, Appleton, Wisconsin on May 16, 2015 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The plants discussed were tried and true since presenter Kathy Baum has experimented with almost every plant she can fit in her gardens (or even on the wagon by her barn which serves as a holding area sometimes for a very long time).

Gene Bush was a visiting presenter and is considered a shade garden expert. His slides shared beatiful photos he has taken from his shade gardens. His information is also available at He had 70+ slides of shade loving plants so I would highly recommend checking his web site and blog.

Tammy Borden brought big wows with her presentation on mini gardens and gave this writer some inspiration which you’ll see in another blog soon. She really highlighted how much you can do in a little, sometimes tiny space!

Gail Clearwater was asked to return and share her love of trash…well sort of. She’s an expert at turning old, broken down or typically thrown away items and objects into beautiful garden art.

Gail surrounded by her crafty treasures!

Gail surrounded by her crafty treasures!

If you would like any more information about the conference send us a comment and we’ll get the presenters to share more of their information.

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