Seed Starting Tips

It’s time to start thinking about seeds!  Does your basement look like mine?  Time to start getting your seed starting area in shape so that you are ready in just a few short weeks to start planting.  Start by doing some general cleaning, removing debris, sweeping up old soil, and tossing cracked pots.  I didn’t do a good job of cleaning out old pots last year when I transplanted.  Haul those over to your basement sink and fill it up with hot, soapy water.  I use a bottle scrubber to get the loose dirt off.  Once they are clean, rinse out your sink, fill it up again, and put a few splashes of bleach.  I let my pots soak a good 30 minutes.  Don’t want any fungus to dampen off your new little transplants.  Check your lights to see that they are in good working order.  Check your heating pads to make sure they still work.  Make sure you still have the extension cords, power strips, and timers available.   Buy fresh potting mix.  I dump all left over bags of potting mix in the garden at the end of each season. It’s not usually that much, a little in each bag.  I like to start things out fresh each year.  Check over your pots to see if you have all the sizes and styles you need.  You can grow seeds in just about any kind of container as long as you provide drainage. I try to recycle a lot of my containers so my table is usually filled with a mish mash of colors, sizes, and shapes.  It all works out in the end.  Once you have everything ready to go, now the fun begins…selecting your seeds!

Written by Jaimie

Posted by Rachel

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